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A Piece of Thailand in Baden.

Joy and David Tschümperlin met on a trip to Thailand and have been dreaming of their own restaurant ever since. When they became aware of the former Restaurant, they took the chance to make their dream come true. After several months of remodeling, the restaurant opened its doors for the first time in the spa district under the new name "Phra Nakhon" with new tenants on December the 27th, 2022. Phra Nakhon means "old great capital" in english. This is a reference to Swiss history, as the spa resort was the seat of the Parliament of Switzerland at the time and thus the secret capital of the old Confederates.

Das Restaurant-Team des Phra Nakhon's in Baden
The well-being of our guests is the priority number one for both of us.

With Joy as the creative and culinary mastermind in the kitchen, along with David as the experienced restaurant manager and host, a strong foundation for Phra Nakhon's success is already in place. Joy was born in Thailand and learned to cook in her family's restaurant business. Later, she was a computer programming teacher in Thailand - until she met David. Since 2016 she lives in Switzerland and has worked as a cook and cooking teacher at the "Event Kitchen Baden".

David is the host in the service and the MacGyver for everything. Besides his love for good food, his heart beats for wine and gin - hence the rich wine list at Phra Nakhon. After his apprenticeship as a chef at "Sternen Würenlingen", he gained versatile experience in various businesses. Among his stations were the "Einstein" in Aarau, the Restaurant Lemon as well as the Trafo Betriebs AG in Baden and the "National Davos". After his employment at the "Piazza Baden" as the head chef, David graduated from the Hotel Management School in Zurich and thereafter served as general manager of the Biergarten Baden, Badi Diner Oerlikon and most recently as hotel manager of the Blue City Hotel Baden.

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Visit Us at Limmatpromenade in Baden.


Phra Nakhon
Limmatpromenade 29
5400 Baden

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Mon, Thu - Fri
6 pm - 11 pm
Sat - Sun
11:30 am - 2 pm
6 pm - 11 pm
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at +41 56 221 77 21 or by e-mail at home@phranakhon.ch. We are looking forward to your visit!


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To book a table, simply fill out our reservation form or reach us at +41 56 221 77 21.
For groups of 7 persons or more, we kindly request that you make your reservations through email at home@phranakhon.ch.

For groups of 7 persons or more, we kindly request that you make your reservations through email at home@phranakhon.ch.
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